Sponsorship opportunities:

If you're an Austin business owner, and you'd like to get your message across to a targeted audience in search of alcohol, books, clothing and coffee, there are a few ways you can do so: paid sponsorship and in-kind donations.

SwapAX event sponsors can recieve:

  • a permanent banner link on the page of the event sponsored.
  • mentions in press releases and collateral.
  • product placement at events- particularly alcohol, coffee, and water (we're open to suggestions).
  • tax deductions- we'll give you a reciept for your donation- your accountants will love us!
  • the chance to team up with an organization full of hip, environmental- and community-minded Austin-based party people who will be incredibly and vocally grateful for your support.
  • Contact Jason- jason@swapatx.com- for more information. We look forward to talking to you!